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Community Events

Ensibuko Arts Foundation organizes free dance/arts outreach programs to youths in more vulnerable communities. This program has been piloted in Prisons, Drug rehabilitation centres, rural communities and Refuge camps. The outreaches are meant to serve young people in many different ways.  Ranging from dance therapy programs to creative facilitation. We intend to help young people develop essentials life skills both social and entrepreneurial. These gatherings have the function to be free and safe spaces for young people to meet, interact, learn, share experiences and bring personal branding in to practice while networking. Quickly view a short documentary film The line up for these meet ups can differ each time, though we have some specific activities that always take place, these are workshops, showcases, dance jams and ciphers. Workshops involve practical dance/arts skills for beginners and advanced creatives, theoretical arts entrepreneurship and leadership skills. The jam and showcases aim to nurture aspiring artists. These events are totally free of charge, making them accessible.

International Dance Academy

Ensibuko Dance Academy is an international 2 weeks intensive master class program with a social and entrepreneurial approach to dance education. We help dancers to develop a professional training in urban contemporary and African traditional dance aspects. We revisit our roots and create an experiment lab with the present to shape the future. The Academy works to create a generation of versatile and informed dance artists. The program covers mastery in dance technique and movement, dance market, technique, style, history, choreographic interpretations and a sense of creative entrepreneurship through the dance art. This Academy consists of intensive practical dance classes, Research, CV and application writing concepts, Basics to internet knowledge and presentations. THE TRAINING WILL PROVIDE: This training has a very practical aim: it brings young dancers knowledge to teach the dance technique to develop their artspreneurship, to consider the technical content and the body, to assess progress in terms of their creation, levels and abilities. They will learn to explain, adapt to a group, to use collective intelligence to organize their creative ability over time. It will help prevent injuries by teaching the fundamentals of alignment, momentum and body development. We will work on;  Mastery of the dance Technique; Knowledge on basic software and internet related skills to help dancers stand in today’s competitive job market and marketing strategies. The academy will help you gain knowledge on how to use dance as an approach to social/creative entrepreneurship. During the Fellowship, students will learn endurance and body control The Academy helps participants to develop or maintain their social skills, self-esteem, communication skills, team work, confidence and servant leadership. This academy will grow the participants’ roots in Uganda traditional dances and contemporary dance aspects.  This gathering works to improve the quality of dance education Acquired skills and a certificate recognized by Ensibuko Arts Foundation and partner institutions  Developing the dancer in-depth knowledge of self, body, of own dance through the dance technique;  For Professional experienced dancers, choreographers, and dance teachers, the Academy opens the possibility for dancers to develop on the basis of training professional teaching activity profitable This academy helps participants to develop a sense of artspreneurship and social conduct FACILATORS Ensibuko Arts Foundation will host facilitators from Uganda and other parts of the world. We host local and international dance teachers, choreographers, and dance educators. Who can apply? We care more about your creative ability than the numbers of your pirouettes you can do or how well you did/do in your scene study class. We seek artists who desire to grow. Applicants must have their interest in dance education and demonstrate an interest to this program:A candidate must be able to read and write and can conduct research. Candidate dancers can belong to different trends: traditional dances, urban/contemporary dance elements. no particular aesthetic is imposed Code of Conduct Participants must align with the rules and regulations of the program Participating artists must be willing to fully commit to the academy and work closely with the administration to ensure proper and smooth running of the program. Participants are expected to be open mind and ready to experiment. Discipline: All participants are expected to maintain moral behaviors, respect their teachers, leaders and fellow students. All participants should not use phones or other obstructing materials during sessions unless deems fit the ongoing class The dress code during sessions should be of an artistic moral and allows the dancer to move freely (Sweat pants, baggie outfits, track suits, sneakers and any free outfits are recommended) All applying students must be of a legal age 18+. Students under this age should apply with their parents or guardian guidance. All participants are expected to always keep time and commit to complete any assignments given by their teachers. How to apply? Call we be out soon for the 2022 cohort

Open practice

Ensibuko is backed on the concept of bringing back our ancestral traditional cultures to life, redefine them and blend them into the modern culture. In this, we seek knowledge and understanding of art in our ancestry history. We help young people and the old generation to find a common ground to share and exchange artistic knowledge, cultural history as we contribute to bridging the gap between generations.  This program was brought to life after the EAF team realized that the biggest population of young people in the communities she serves had ignored and abandoned their ancestral cultures and traditions and yet the old generation had a negative perspective about the urban cultures. As a movement that strives to preserve our culture and still embrace diversity, Watch a short documentary film We invented this program so that young people can facilitate dance classes to elders, with the aim to bridge the gap between generations through creative arts, mostly dance. Young people provide dance classes to elders (40+), for a health purpose and help them become fit or maintain their fitness. Due to the high interaction level between generations, dance is used to change the mind-set towards young people, and for both young and elders to connect and share artistic and cultural knowledge. The inter-generation Program is a research project for our students and Residents.

Dance Clinic

“Iron sharpens Iron” The dance clinic is an open practice session for emmerging movers to have a collective practice and inspire each other through movement. We provide space, music equipment, instruments and materials particularly for practice. In the clinic, dancers meet to have a collective practice on a varsity of sounds. The clinic gives room for dancers to make surgeries of their learned techniques to create their own identities. The dance clinic seeks dancers to create hybrids of their practices and nurture them through the collective practice.

Dance Theatre Productions

Under the choreographic and artistic direction of Koloto Siraji, Ensibuko produces works that address social issues. Our path is creating mind-bending performances and short films, creating visuals and movements. We produce both in door or site specific theatre performances Occasionally. These performances are always an end product our research reports in response to a common social issue.  Creating a way to mirror and visualize these issues through an artistic expression. We have passion in exploring humanity and we apply all our skills and commitment to pronounce the untold stories. As dance artists, We have the power to express our feelings with every cell of the body. We narrate stories only with emotions and movement! We look at the body as a large museum filled with information of varying generations, History and Future instincts. We feel a lot of experiences, feelings, beliefs, and realities that only the body can communicate. Things that the spoken languish don’t always have words to explain or where it is too difficult to talk about them out loud. We explore the issues in our world, the realities of life and give them a new narrative. Mirror them to the people and trigger them to think out loud. From gender politics, climate change, environmental justice, and human rights.   

Creative Lab

The Creative lab is a practical international Dance Exchange program: We bring aspiring and professional dance artists from around the globe to participate in residencies and intensive dance workshops sharing the same space with local artists.  And sending ambassador dancers to partner organizations, Companies, institutes and Festivals for an exchange of skills and ideas, providing opportunities for dancers to compete, perform, facilitate workshops and network in a global environment. The creative lab is an experimenter space for movers and creators in the dance arena. Throughout the year, Ensibuko provides accessible, free and quality dance workshops in the historical jinja city. Workshops cover a variety of dance styles and build linkages between dancers and institutions.  We aid the exchange of work between different creators and movers. We are modeling a versatile and informed community of dance artists, across institutes of different backgrounds.