Free Online Dance Tutorials

As we all understand how hard the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the arts sector, following the directives to avoid cultural gatherings as an effective measure to cut the spread of

Nature is Mourning

Nature is Mourning is a one of the site specific dance theatre performances created and presented during our artistic research about environmental degradation and how we can use dance/arts as

Global Stance Workshops

The Global stance workshops were a collaboration between skillz and Ensibuko. The workshops featured dance classes by renown Ugandan choreographers aiming to increase dancers’ knowledge in dance. The project was

Call For Artists

We seek dancers, dance teachers, choreographers and curators who would love to visit us for a period of time and share their skills and experience to the young dancers in

Ensibuko Arts Festival 2019

The Ensibuko Arts Festival 2019 featured acts, performance and thaetre presentations from young upcoming dance artists and established arts companies and solo performers from across Uganda and Congo. Bringing together

Make a Move

We are currently in need of financial support. We are running a fundraiser. All year long we provide dance arts workshops to vulnerable communities in Uganda, culminating in our international

Ensibuko Arts Festival 2018

The 2018 festival featured dance performances, live graffiti painting, ancient traditional games, fashion theatre, dance theatre, poetry and arts workshops. All following the theme (Journey Through my Past)

Community Jam

In 2014, EAF held a free youth community event at the walukuba community centre. The event featured Dance workshops (Popping, Breakdance and Afro house). Wrapped up with dance battles, showcases

Ensibuko 2017 festival (Roots of Creativity)

EAF held the first edition of her festival in 2017. The festival’s theme was “Roots of Creativity”. The festival aimed at freeing young creates to think, create and present innovative