Founded in 2010 by Ugandan Conceptual artist and Dancer Koloto Siraji, Ensibuko Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to contributing towards shaping the future of dance and arts in Uganda by extending these transformative opportunities to individuals and communities that would otherwise be deprived. Our mission is to utilize dance as a powerful tool to address social issues, empower, rehabilitate, and heal communities. The foundation takes its name from the native word “ENSIBUKO,” which translates to “THE ORIGIN” in English.

Based in Jinja, our movement is centered on creating access to dance and arts through a social and entrepreneurial approach in the creation and distribution of dance arts. Extending these arts to underprivileged communities in Uganda, EAF serves as a safe space for artistic growth, learning and interaction, free of discrimination based on age, background, gender, race, or religion.

While deeply rooted in local culture, Ensibuko aims to broaden the perspectives of young artists by exposing them to global aspects of art and facilitating international interaction. Over the years, EAF has successfully implemented various creative programs, including weekly workshops at our center, open practice sessions for artists, international artist residencies, Artistic productions and artist mentorship programs. These initiatives culminate in our community arts festival, a celebration of diversity and creativity.

The heart of our work lies in Jinja, Uganda, where our journey began. Having originated as a small group of young people dancing in the outskirts of Jinja, EAF has evolved into a structured dance and arts movement offering a diverse range of creative programs. Growing up on the streets of Jinja, we are committed to witnessing its growth and transformation. Through the establishment of new friendships and trust, we have cultivated a society where young people can freely express themselves, with dance serving as a powerful means of expression

Our Mission: At Ensibuko Arts Foundation, our mission is multi-faceted and deeply rooted in our commitment to empowering individuals and communities through Arts. We strive to:

  • Connect local and international artists through residencies and performance platforms, fostering cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.
  • Provide mentorship to young creatives, fostering their personal and professional growth.
  • Create ideological transformation in the mindset of young people, promoting self-expression, creativity, and personal development.
  • Promote cultural diversity and contribute towards uplifting of the dance arts industry in Uganda and beyond.
  • Facilitate creative entrepreneurship development and management through equipping young artists with the skills and resources to thrive in the arts sector
  • Use dance as a tool to empower, rehabilitate, and heal communities, addressing social issues and promoting positive social change.
  • Extend arts to communities that lack access to arts and creating safe spaces for young people to express themselves, learn, showcase their talent, and interact.
  • Creating a sustainable and inclusive artistic community  by facilitating intercultural exchange between urban and traditional art forms
  • Increase access to formal and informal dance/arts education, particularly in underprivileged communities in villages and slums across Uganda.