Ensibuko Arts Foundation works to shape the future of dance in Uganda by offering quality dance education  to individuals that would otherwise lack access. We use dance as a tool to address social issues, narrate stories of the world, empower, rehabilitate and heal communities, EAF was named after a native word: “ “ENSIBUKO” which in English translates to “THE ORIGIN”. The movement especially aims to create access to dance/arts education in a setting where communities would otherwise lack access. Set within underprivileged communities in villages and slums in Uganda, the EAF initiative is a safe space for learning and interaction free of discrimination in regards to age, background, gender, race, or religion. While grounded in local culture, Ensibuko seeks to open youth up to the global aspects of life and to international interaction. Ensibuko Arts Foundation is a brain child of KOLOTO SIRAJI, an Ugandan dance artist, creative facilitator and event organizer.

The core of our work is in Jinja Uganda. We grew up in the streets of this area, and when your roots are plated in a place, you want to see it grow. What started with a few young people dancing in the rural areas of Uganda, is now grown into a structured dance/arts movement, offering a range of creative programs. Through new friendships and trust, we have created a society where the young people can express themselves. This expression goes through the dance art.

                                                                                                            DEFINING WHO WE ARE!

Our Vision:

To be an iconic organization in elevating the relevance of dance/arts in community development.


To shape the future of dance in Uganda as we increase access to formal and informal dance/arts knowledge

Connect local and international artists through creating residencies and performance platforms.

Create ideological transformation in the mindset of the young people

To promote cultural diversity and contribute to the uplifting of the dance arts industry in Uganda and beyond

Increase creative entrepreneurship development and management through our International Dance Academy

To offer quality  programs in dance education so as we easily generate employment through performances and private teaching

We use Dance to empower, rehabilitate and heal communities

Fostering Creative Entrepreneurship through counseling and mentor-ship to the young creatives

Ensibuko aims to extend arts to communities that would otherwise have no access, by creating safe spaces where young people can freely express themselves, learn, showcase, exchange and interact through dance.

To lay a foundation for future generations by providing an intercultural exchange platform for urban and traditional arts so as to create a more sustainable, inclusive, diverse futuristic community of dance artists.

Use creative arts to address social issues.


Koloto Siraji

 Koloto Siraji, is an Ugandan social artist: a dance artist and choreographer, creative facilitator, and events organizer. He is the founder and director of Ensibuko Arts Foundation. Siraji is authentic, fearless innovator and leader. He believes in the power of dance/arts as a driving force to social change. Siraji activates communities to fulfill, common causes. He has invested his passion and skill sets to develop and grow communities and individuals visit his website

Joshan Joan Tusingwire

Joan is an Ugandan actress, creative writer, motivational speaker, events organiser and manager, project planner and implementer. Joan completed a dual degree in Business Administration and Accounting and Finance Management in which she graduated with first class honors in 2013 at Cavendish University Uganda. She has since then worked with many companies and organizations, artist groups and individuals providing personal accounting and financial services customized to each client’s short term or long term goals as a freelancer.

Cassie Bingham

Cassie is an American social anthropologist, international developer and social activist. Cassie graduated with a degree in Social Anthropology and International Development, studies which shaped the way she sees the world. She believes in the inherent value of all types of humans and the cultures they build, and has applied this belief while living for months at a time in Ghana, Japan, Bolivia, Uganda, and Greece. Her cultural studies led her to a passion for social activism, which informed her work on the development team of a community organization for Hispanic immigrants in the US, and as a humanitarian team leader for an international nonprofit. She is the cofounder of Kinfara Travel, an ethical tourism company that connects tourists to community-led, culturally immersive experiences in Uganda. Cassie believes that each individual can harness their various talents and passions to build communities and make the world a better place.

Vizara "Raven" Daniel

 Daniel is an Ugandan dancer (teacher and performer) with strengths in break dance and fusion. He’s also into rapping and fashion. Daniel is an easy communicator. Currently a dance teacher, organizer and  volunteer coordinator at Ensibuko Arts Foundation

David M. Wampamba

Is a Ugandan, with 8 years plus software developer experience, and entrepreneurship success. His mission is to make it easier for people to become fully fledged professional software developers.  We are happy to have him as a products development adviser and web developer at Ensibuko Arts Foundation.


Do you have a dream of challenging yourself in Uganda/Africa? We are happy to have committed, proactive, and skilled people to be part of our team so that we build life transforming non-profit ideas into sustainable products. Contact us today.