Welcome to Ensibuko online home. The word Ensibuko means “The Origin” In relation to Ancient Africa! cultural history, literature, knowledge and wisdom were passed on to succeeding generations through performing arts, especially dance. Dance is a valued facet of traditional Ugandan culture. Ensibuko is using a social and entrepreneurial approach to dance education. We trust in the energy and potential of young people. For years, we have/are working to mentor young, underprivileged youth in how they can leverage their talents and skills to secure higher quality lives.


Ensibuko Arts Festival is an indigenous and multicultural arts gathering whose vesicle life lies in the inspiration to blend the Ugandan ancient traditions with the modern trends. The festival is an annual arts gathering at the heart of the historical jinja city. The festival brings together people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to exchange knowledge, artistic skills, and life experiences, but also showcase and market their art works. The festival provides artists with a platform for joint learning, performances, educational workshops, exhibitions and knowledge exchange, with aim to open opportunities for both local and international creatives. It is at the core of our purpose to produce innovative Unique concepts, outstanding and mind-bending performances and art works.


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Latest News

Free Online Dance Tutorials

As we all understand how hard the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the arts sector, following the directives to avoid cultural gatherings as an effective measure to cut the spread of covid-19. We have organized to upload one dance tutorial, artistic talks, mentor-ship talks and discussions every week on our social media pages (facebook and instagram). We feel this is the best way we can still engage since this will enable all students to always revisit and learn at convenience. Follow our pages to learn with us

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