We are Art. Poets of the unseen. Telling stories of our ancestry
Nurturing the roots of our creative souls
Reinventing, redefining and blending our ancient indigenous culture into the modern trends


We promote meaningful dialogue, understanding, and cooperation through the arts, especially dance. Dance is a valued facet of traditional Ugandan culture, and has often been used to facilitate communication regardless of class or education level. We use cultural dance therapeutically, to create safe spaces where individuals share more freely. EAF is one of the only organization in Uganda that explicitly encourages equitable inter-generational dialogue. We believe community healing requires work from both ends of the age spectrum. Therefore, our artistic workshops that produce mutual understanding between generations aid in developing more sustainable solutions to community challenges. We use artistic means to convey messages and open up conversations around challenging social issues. Community members, especially those in underprivileged areas, are much more likely to listen, retain information, and become activists, when issues are brought up using entertaining, artistic performance instead of through more traditional routes. Click on the photo to read about our approaches.


Ensibuko Arts Festival is an annual arts gathering at the heart of the historical jinja city. The festival brings together people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to exchange knowledge, artistic skills, and life experiences, but also showcase and market their work. Every once a year, the world comes to the historical jinja to experience the tales of the African cultures, ancestral games and sounds as they are being blended into the modern culture. the festival provides artists with a platform for joint learning, exhibitions and knowledge exchange, with aim to open international opportunities for local creatives. It is at the core of our purpose to produce innovative Unique concepts, mind-bending performances, and artworks.


Ensibuko Arts Foundation has been in operation for nine years and has seen the benefits of community outreach in Uganda through the Dance art. Through grassroots-level organising and an abundance of volunteer labor, we have been able to touch the lives of hundreds of underprivileged individuals, and facilitate peace-building conversations within families and between diverse social groups. Our approach to community healing is innovative and unique, and has resonated with our beneficiaries in ways that traditional strategies have not. We believe that our Community Unification project can reach a greater number of people and develop more professional and effective workshops and trainings if we expand through outside funding or other partnerships. Our mission is to embrace diversity, while encouraging intercultural understanding where it has lacked within Ugandan communities, whether between the young and the old, girls and boys, or any other groups. Our intercultural concept is innovative, and will continue to benefit hundreds of community members as it receives potential partners and supporters. Join us today.

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