About the community


We are in communities where the population is with 70% of its dwellers being youth.These young people go through a lot of depression, discrimination, which makes them lose the self worth, self respect and a future perspective.These communities are infested with high illiteracy levels, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies and childhood families. The unemployment rate and the inability of the young energetic community pillars can easily be misused into violent and crime related activities. Being in slums, rural and underprivileged communities, Young people face multiple challenges, the low access to formal education, and almost no access to any informal or skills training, young people tend to be victims of teenage pregnancies and marriages.These worries surpassed being eradicated by the law makers turning out to be community social issues. As Ensibuko Arts Foundation, we have paved a secure route for these young people to acquire knowledge and social skills through our dance education program. The embryo of empowerment module for the young people in this modern competitive world can’t be successful without financial independence which can only be attained through building and developing skills and knowledge capacity.

we aim to create safe spaces for and access to community arts in a setting where these individuals would otherwise lack access. Set within underprivileged communities in villages and slums in Uganda, the EAF initiative is a safe space for interaction without discrimination in regards to age, gender, race,education level, religion or background. While grounded in local culture, EAF seeks to open youth up to the global aspects of life and to international interaction. We aim to use dance to address social issues. The most important thing to us is that the young people feel safe. We give them a family, because many of them have no families and no one to return to. Many of these are orphans, street kids, school dropouts or they are disabled. Ensibuko Arts Foundation gives these young people an alternative to the streets and a future perspective. ‘Defining Who We Are’; we are a friendly community to relate to and where young people can interact within our community, tell their own stories and express themselves as global citizens, Leaders, artists,visionaries, and cultural enthusiasts.