Ensibuko Arts Festival

Ensibuko Arts Festival is an indigenous and multicultural gathering whose vesicle life lies in the inspiration to blend the Ugandan ancient traditions with the modern trends. The festival is an annual arts gathering at the heart of the historical jinja city. The festival brings together people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to exchange knowledge, artistic skills, and life experiences, but also showcase and market their work.

Every once a year, the world comes to the historical jinja to experience the tales of the African traditional cultures as they are being blended into the modern trends. The festival provides artists with a platform for joint learning, exhibitions and knowledge exchange, with aim to open international opportunities for local creatives. It is at the core of our purpose to produce innovative Unique concepts, outstanding and mind-bending performances and art works.

Though our primary element is dance, and the core purpose of the festival is to showcase work from students in the academy. We also host a variety of other artistic expressions like visual arts and poetry in accompaniment with traditional games, exhibitions and fashion.

Ensibuko Arts Festival strives to develop a generation of performers with unique identities. We give dancers a platform for ​knowledge exchange, exhibition and a stable networking environment. We envision the social and economic growth of the dance scene in Uganda especially Jinja and the surrounding communities.

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