Ensibuko Dance Academy

Ensibuko Dance Academy is a 2 year certificate course in dance education. We help young dancers to develop a professional training in Ugandan traditional dances and urban dance aspects. We revisit our roots and create an experiment lab with the present to shape the future. Ensibuko works to create a generation of versatile and informed dance artists. The course covers mastery in dance technique and movement, dance market and a sense of social entrepreneurship through the dance art. This course consists of weekly theoretical and practical dance classes, Research programs, Creative labs, Fellowships and presentations.


This training has a very practical aim: it brings young dancers knowledge to teach the dance technique to develop their courses, to consider the technical content and body, to assess progress in terms of students, their levels and abilities. She will learn to explain, to adapt to a group, to use collective intelligence to organize its course over time. It will help prevent injuries by learning the fundamentals of alignment, momentum and body development. We will work on

 Mastery of the dance Technique;

Knowledge on basic software and internet related to help dancers stand in today’s competitive job market and marketing strategies.

The academy will help you gain knowledge on how to use dance as an approach to social entrepreneurship.

During the course, students will learn endurance and body control

The academy helps participants to develop or maintain their social skills, self-esteem, communication skills, team work, confidence and servant leadership.

The academy will grow the participants’ roots in Uganda traditional dances and contemporary dance aspects.

 Improving the quality of dance education

Acquired skills and a certificate recognized by Ensibuko Arts Foundation and partner Universities

 Developing the dancer in-depth knowledge of self, body, of own dance through the dance technique;

 The academy opens the possibility for dancers to develop on the basis of training professional teaching activity profitable for Professional experience dancers, choreographers, and dance teachers.

This academy helps participants to develop a sense of artspreneurship and social conduct


Ensibuko Arts Foundation will host facilitators from Uganda and other parts of the world. We host local and international dance teachers, choreographers, and dance educators.