Ensibuko Arts Festival

Ensibuko Arts Festival is a nomadic, indigenous, and multicultural community gathering, whose essence lies in the inspiration to blend traditional and contemporary arts. The festival is an annual arts gathering situated at the heart of the historical city of Jinja. It brings together people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to exchange knowledge, artistic skills, and life experiences, while also providing a platform to showcase and market their work. Bridging the gap between artists and communities.

Once a year, artists converge on historical Jinja to share their work and audiences experience narratives of African traditional cultures seamlessly woven into contemporary trends. The festival serves as a hub for artists to engage in public performances, joint exhibitions, and knowledge exchange, aiming to open artistic opportunities for young creatives. At its core, the festival is dedicated to producing innovative concepts, outstanding performances, and mind-bending artworks.

While dance is our backbone, we also embrace a variety of other artistic expressions such as visual arts, poetry, installations, exhibitions, and fashion.

Ensibuko Arts Festival endeavors to cultivate a generation of artists with unique identities. We provide artists with a platform for knowledge exchange, exhibition, and networking in a supportive environment. Our vision extends to the social and economic growth of the dance scene in Uganda, particularly in Jinja and its surrounding communities.

Would you want to perform on the 2024 edition this July? Please fill in the form and you might be selected to perform on the next edition of this year.