Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ensibuko Arts Foundation?

Ensibuko Arts Foundation is an indigenous and multicultural non-profit organization whose vesicle life lies in the inspiration to blend the Ugandan ancient traditions with the modern trends. Ensibuko works to shape the future of dance in Uganda by offering quality certified and recognized dance education  to individuals that would otherwise lack access. We intend to use dance as a tool to address social issues, narrate stories of the world, empower, rehabilitate and heal communities, EAF was named after a native word: “ “ENSIBUKO” which in English translates to “THE ORIGIN”.  EAF aims to lay a foundation for future generations. The movement especially aims to create access to dance and creative arts in a setting where communities would otherwise lack access.

Is Ensibuko Arts Foundation a registered or legal entity?

 YES, Ensibuko Arts Foundation is incorporated in Uganda by the registrar of organizations and companies (Uganda Registration Services Bureau). Ensibuko Arts Foundation is legally registered as number
80020001244999 as a nonprofit company limited by guarantee. 

Why dance?

The vesicle life of Ensibuko is in the power of creativity yet dance has manifested itself world over as an efficient form of communication, expression, airing issues, opinions and sharing values about all aspects of life.

Where is Ensibuko Arts Foundation rooted?

Ensibuko Arts Foundation operates mostly in communities that would otherwise lack access to dance/arts education. Set within underprivileged communities in the Eastern part of Uganda and having her head office and core work in the historical Jinja city.

What makes Ensibuko Arts Foundation relevant?

EAF’s work aids in addressing the disunity within underprivileged Ugandan communities, that is due to misunderstanding between generations, miscommunication within homes, societal sexism, and the challenges that face vulnerable youth, such as discrimination and violence. Our goal is to create peace, mutual respect, and healing between individuals and groups as we facilitate safe spaces of learning and sharing through artistic dance and other arts classes, workshops, and performances. EAF is necessary in Uganda, because we are facing obstacles of varying levels of class, education, and communication skills within our communities, yet dance and other creative arts are traditional aspects of our culture that can be used to reach and connect with all community members regardless of these differences. Dance and art allow individuals to lose their inhibitions by sharing in a fun bonding experience with others, leading to moments of vulnerability where community members are more willing to open up about what they have in common, what social issues need to be addressed, and how the future generation can improve.

Why should we consider a partnership with Ensibuko?

Ensibuko Arts Foundation has been in operation for nine years and has seen the benefits of community outreach in Uganda through the creative arts. Through grassroots-level organising and an abundance of volunteer labor, we have been able to touch the lives of hundreds of underprivileged individuals, and facilitate peace-building conversations within families and between diverse social groups. Our approach to community healing is innovative and unique, and has resonated with our beneficiaries in ways that traditional strategies have not. We believe that our Community Unification project can reach a greater number of people and develop more professional and effective workshops and trainings if we expand through outside funding or other partnerships. Our mission is to embrace diversity, while encouraging intercultural understanding where it has lacked within Ugandan communities, whether between the young and the old, girls and boys, or any other groups. Our innovative approach aligns with the goals of the Intercultural Innovative community empowerment, and will continue to benefit hundreds of community members as it receives potential partners

Who does Ensibuko Arts Foundation target?

EAF targets to serve Underprivileged groups primarily youth. But also considering families, girls, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups

How is Ensibuko Arts Foundation innovative?

We promote meaningful dialogue, understanding, and cooperation through the arts, especially dance. Dance is a valued facet of traditional Ugandan culture, and has often been used to facilitate communication regardless of class or education level. We use cultural dance therapeutically, to create safe spaces where individuals share more freely.  EAF is one of the only organization in Uganda that explicitly encourages equitable inter-generational dialogue. We believe community healing requires work from both ends of the age spectrum. Therefore, our artistic workshops that produce mutual understanding between generations aid in developing more sustainable solutions to community challenges. We use artistic means to convey messages and open up conversations around challenging social issues. Community members, especially those in underprivileged areas, are much more likely to listen, retain information, and become activists, when issues are brought up using entertaining, artistic performance instead of through more traditional routes.

Does Ensibuko Arts Foundation need financial partners? And how can this create impact?

Yes, EAF needs financial partners. Over the previous years, Ensibuko Arts Foundation has been going through struggle to acquire the necessary resources to operate. When we receive financial partners, we will use the funds to acquire the necessary resources needed to replicate the project as well use the received resources to extend our impact to more vulnerable communities that haven’t been in our reach and that we create and maintain the impact within these communities. Further more, we will use the support to maintain our ongoing channels and make them more impactful and accessible.

Can researchers partner with Ensibuko Arts Foundation?

YES, as an experienced arts movement, we know how powerful dance/arts are and if you intend to use arts as an approach to your research on environmental, health, human or other social issues, we are the partner you need.

Can schools, Universities or festivals partner with Ensibuko Arts Foundation?

YES, there are a number of possibilities for partnerships. Ensibuko Arts Foundation can send dancers to facilitate workshops, perform, attend summits, participate in cultural exchange programs etc. You can as well send in artists or students to Ensibuko Arts Foundation for the same activities.

How can I join Ensibuko Arts Foundation team?

You can join our team as a volunteer by signing the volunteer form linked below. become a volunteer now

How can we partner with Ensibuko Arts Foundation?

We appreciate individuals, non-profit organizations and businesses who find our causes a perfect fit, to partner with Ensibuko. Please get in contact

Can Dance companies or arts movements partner with Ensibuko Arts Foundation?

Yes, dance ensembles, companies and arts collectives can partner with Ensibuko Arts Foundation, the partnership can run through intercultural exchange programs, performances at the festival, artist residencies and other possible collaborations.