Community Theatre

Ensibuko presents site specific theatre performances Occasionally. The theatre performances are about identifying a common social issue within a certain community, and creating a way to mirror and visualize these issues through creating a dance theartre performance. Issues can be related to, for example, health, hygiene, education, humanity, and unemployment or environmental issues.

During the Community theatre program, community members are brought together and Ensibuko choreographs/performs a dance theater piece along with community members that sensitizes about the particular issue, so that they can spread the message that is connected to the performance.

The Community theatre program can take place in for example schools, prisons, rural communities or hospitals. The performances here are site specific.  In the past years, through this program, EAF, has sensitized communities with issues regarding Health, Environmental changes, Land grabbing and Hygiene. Over 211 community members have been part of this program in communities like Masese, Danida, Bugembe and Budondo in the Jinja, Uganda slums.

In 2015, we partnered with Doctor Katie Mcquid an anthropologist from The university of Leeds to make research and choreograph a dance theatre performance addressing the issues of Land grabbing and environmental degradation in the slums of walukhuba masese surbubs.

To us, Dance is a universal language that is spoken and understood by all people.