Urban Dance Clinic

Under the choreographic and artistic direction of Koloto Siraji, Ensibuko dance company stands to create job opportunities for dancers who spend their time working to grow communities though the foundation.   We work to open employment opportunities through professional performances, private classes, and workshops. Our aesthetic is to fuse the Uganda traditional dance aspects wit urban concepts to create a unique identity, outstanding and mind-bending performances.  We use our craft to mirror, critique our society and convey social messages.  We create solo, duo and small team performative pieces. As a dance company, we offer a variety of dance performances, fitness classes, and creative workshops. The company is our sustainability and job creation lane.


We creations are inspired after a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. We make a fusion between African traditional dances and urban styles extracting layers from breakdance, contemporary, afro house and Ugandan traditional dance aspects, which we rearrange into a movement and body language piece, creating a unique identity, inspiring, outstanding and mind-bending performances. Our choreographic aesthetic is to create emotions and movement. Connecting the physical body, the soul and the psychological emotions of the human being. The costumes, props and sounds we accompany with our work, always impact on how it is questioned and interpreted. Which Sounds evoke fear, sleeping emotions and love? And which emotional response you feel inside you by watching our movements? These are some of our creation embryo.

We explore the unspeakable things in our world and yours. Things that the spoken languish can’t express. We don’t give direct messages but rather abstracts. We bind that connection that we can see and feel. Our choreography is built on ethics, movements, emotions and communication beyond obvious interpretations. We use my craft to mirror, critique my society and convey social messages


NYONZA (Solo by Koloto Siraji)

NO (Duo)