Koloto Siraji

Ensibuko 2017 festival (Roots of Creativity)

EAF held the first edition of her festival in 2017. The festival’s theme was “Roots of Creativity”. The festival aimed at freeing young creates to think, create and present innovative concepts of their own research. The festival featured dance competitions, performances and showcases from upcoming and renown crews and solo performers from across Uganda, Kenya, Congo and Sweden.

Walukuba East Community Outreach

We had a community outreach and worked with the kids of walukuba East suburbs. The workshops focused on teaching the kids the basics of dance with a main focus on breaking. But most importantly, we wanted the kids go through the experiences of being kids.

Community Social Event

In 2016, We held a free community event in Jinja, Uganda. The event featured free dance workshops with teachers from Uganda, Finland and Sweden. The event was later wrapped up with dance showcase, performances and ciphers.

Community Event 3rd December 2016

In only less than 1 months a new community event is going to happen at Masesse Kilembe Playground! Don’t miss!