this training is for young people seeking a professional dance training
Who can apply?

We care more about your creative ability than the numbers of your pirouettes you can do or how well you did/do in your scene study class. We seek artists who desire to grow.

Applicants must have their interest in dance education and demonstrate an interest to this program:
A candidate must be able to read and write and can conduct research. Candidate dancers can belong to different trends: traditional dances, urban/contemporary dance elements. no particular aesthetic is imposed

Code of Conduct

Participants must align with the rules and regulations of the program

Participating artists must be willing to fully commit to the academy and work closely with the administration to ensure proper and smooth running of the program.

Participants are expected to be open mind and ready to experiment.

Discipline: All participants are expected to maintain moral behaviors, respect their teachers, leaders and fellow students.

All participants should not use phones or other obstructing materials during sessions.

The dress code during sessions should be of an artistic moral and allows the dancer to move freely (Sweat pants, baggie outfits, track suits and sneakers are recommended)

The applying participant must be able to read and write hence in position to conduct a research.

All applying students must present their valid National, School or Village identity cards or Valid Passport.

All participants are expected to always keep time and commit to complete any assignments given by their teachers.

How to apply?

We make calls at every beginning of the intake, Please check the news section on home page