Dance Theatre Productions

Under the choreographic and artistic direction of Koloto Siraji, Ensibuko produces works that address social issues. Our path is creating mind-bending performances and short films, creating visuals and movements. We produce both in door or site specific theatre performances Occasionally. These performances are always an end product our research reports in response to a common social issue.  Creating a way to mirror and visualize these issues through an artistic expression.

We have passion in exploring humanity and we apply all our skills and commitment to pronounce the untold stories. As dance artists, We have the power to express our feelings with every cell of the body. We narrate stories only with emotions and movement! We look at the body as a large museum filled with information of varying generations, History and Future instincts.

We feel a lot of experiences, feelings, beliefs, and realities that only the body can communicate.Things that the spoken languish don’t always have words to explain or where it is too difficult to talk about them out loud. We explore the issues in our world, the realities of life and give them a new narrative. Mirror them to the people and trigger them to think out loud. From gender politics, climate change, environmental justice, and human rights.