You Inspire You

You Inspire You, is a social entrepreneurial establishment, focusing on utilizing the most accessible resources to stir up potential by teaching technology and technology related disciplines to ordinary people, with an aim of improving livelihoods by leveraging on the numerous opportunities presented by a technology savviness.

The major focus is on social engineering; that is entrepreneurship (job creation), inspiration (mind change) and promoting environmental preservation and conservation.

You Inspire You’s mainly works to empower young people, the young adults, women and community leaders especially those in semi-urban and rural places of Uganda.

We found it appropriate to work with them because their mission aligns with ours besides the willingness to share with fellow youths. Despite being in Kampala, they have successfully participated whenever we invited to Jinja. Some of the events they participate in are:- the Walukuba community event and Girls Take the led. They occasionally attend to our team and train us about entrepreneurship.

We also appreciate their efforts towards maintaining and designing our website without extra costs. You can find out more about the You Inspire You and it’s work by visiting